Counting Sheep with an Old Romantic

on Thursday, 07 March 2013. Posted in Art

The pastoral landscape is often considered to be unchaining and bucolic artworks are often overlooked as sleepy reminders of the past. And yet contemporary artists have returned time and again to the agricultural heritage of this country; exploring the relationship between the individual and place, between landscape and memory and between representing life as it really is with life as we would want it to be. These themes of representation (and the creation) of a sense of place through the recounting of landscapes and the depiction of man’s relationship with nature can be seen running through much of Edwin Young’s work.

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Edwin Young’s gift of an art gallery to the people of Salisbury. To mark this occasion the Young Gallery will present a program of exhibitions that celebrate the talent and generosity of Edwin Young, the first of which opens this Saturday at the Young Gallery in Salisbury Library. The exhibition will present a selection of the best of Edwin Young’s work, illustrating both his technical skill and love for the landscapes of Wiltshire. Future exhibitions will chart the evolution of artists’ responses to nature and the interaction of people with the places they live in.

Peter Tyas

Team Manager Arts and Archives


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