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Cinema Comes to Wiltshire

... 26 days in any given year. The Council also included a clause whereby two of the town’s firemen or police officers in uniform had the right of admission free at all entertainments. Proposed design for ...

40 years at the Archives

... in recent times to manorial records, police registers, tithe schedules – their output has been truly prodigious. We have been fortunate to have had such a regular group visiting weekly and owe an immense ...

A sideways look at sources

... ways of finding this information is through photographs of people who had just been arrested, in the police force’s criminal records. We have quite a few of these images in our Constabulary collection ...

From ice cream to internment

... my research on internees in Wiltshire. I hadn’t, but it turns out that it’s possible to find out quite a bit about him from the police files held here at the History Centre and from the internee records ...

Wiltshire Remembers the Windrush Generation

... together. Bert recalled that “Where I first started off in the type of work I was doing, back in 78/79 actually, there was a police who was killed by a black man in Trowbridge. And it was underlying tension, ...

Unravelling the Great Rolls

... the hundred. They were senior law enforcement officers (prior to the establishment of professional police forces). Next are the gentlemen summoned to serve on the grand jury at the Quarter Sessions. Finally, ...

Why Archives Matter in 2018

... prevail are those of the victor. Those who think this would never happen in the UK should look again at the earlier Hillsborough public inquiries where redaction was used by the police to distort the narrative ...

Votes for Women - and Men!

... crowds, had missiles thrown at them, and had to be escorted to safety by the police. Lloyd George said of the pilgrimage it: “was one of the cleverest political moves in recent times…dramatic without ...

My year in archives

... a training week at the National Archives of Scotland to visiting the City of London Police Museum, with pit-stops at various digitisation conferences, fundraising training days, and of course, the (world-famous) ...

Keeping the Home Fires Burning

... enlisted to fight. Wiltshire’s county constabulary refused to have women constables but Salisbury, with its own city police force, eventually took a different stance. In 1918 Salisbury Town Council decided ...

Wiltshire's Enemy Aliens (Part Three): 'Roulett

... unfolded in Britain, particularly Wiltshire, and about everyday life for foreigners during the war. In Wiltshire after the summer of 1940 the aliens who most concerned the police were Romanians. On 8 ...

Magical History Tour

... 12 in the first year an average number of about 40 a year down to 1814 when the records stop. Poignantly two mothers had still born children. Wiltshire was the first county to establish its own Police ...

Wiltshire's Enemy Aliens (Part Two): Collar the Lot

... have demanded that the police “collar the lot!”. The files of the Wiltshire Constabulary here at the History Centre show how this mounting hysteria gripped the county. On 28 May 1940 the Chief Constables ...

Transforming Archives: Immersed in a New World

... and heritage has always drawn me, but due to my career background consisting largely of military and police service – I wasn’t exactly the type actively recruited into the sector. Unless Archivists are ...

Wiltshire's Enemy Alien

... it was left to local police forces to locate and arrest these people, and in Wiltshire the process was no different. We are lucky enough to have the records of Wiltshire Constabulary here at the History ...

An Autumn Tour

... before local police stations contained their own cells. The building has seen many uses, including a school and a courtroom. After extensive restoration in 1889 the town library was based in the town hall ...


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