Deed transferring lands belonging to Thomas Wyatt

Deed signed by Thomas Seymour transferring lands of Thomas Wyatt, 1547

Wyatt deed


Latin transcription

  • Noverint univ[er]si p[er] presentes Thomam Dum D[omin]um Seymo[ur] de Sudeley Magnu[m] Admirall' Anglie insignis que ordiniis gartheri√≠ Milit[?em] et Will[elm]um Sharington Milit[em] attornasse deputasse locoq[ve] n[ost]ro ?posuisse? dil[e]c[t]os nobis in Xp[ist]o Anthoniu[m] Penne Lawrentiu[m] Ham[m]on et Edwardu[m] Pole gen[er]os' et quemlibet eor[um] coniunctim et divisim n[ost]ros veros et legittimos attorn' et desputatos Ad recipiend[um] de Thoma[s] Wyat Milit[e] vice pro nobis et no[m]i[n]e n[ost]ro plenam possessionem et Seisinam de et in o[mn]ibus et sing[u]lis terris tenement[is] et hereditament[is] quibuscu[m]q[ue] d[i]c[t]i Thome Wyat infra Civitat[em] London P[ro]ut et grat' h[ab]ent et ?h[ab]itur totu[m] et quicquid d[i]c[t]i Attornat[i] n[ost]ri ?fecerint seu aliquis eor[um] fecerit in Recepc[i]one possessionis et seisine predict[a]. In cuius rei Testimoniu[m] huic p[re]sent[?] scripto n[ost]ro sigilla n[ost]ra apposui[mus] Dat[um] vicesimo sexto die martii Anno Regni illustrissimi principis ac serenissimi domini n[ost]ri Edwardi Sexti dei gr[ati]a Anglie ffrancie et hib[er]nie Reg[is] fedei defensoris et in terra Eccl[es]ie anglicane et hib[er]nice sup[ri]me Capitis Primo [1547]
    [Witness] T. Seymour ex [?] per me Johan[nem]

English Translation

  • Know all men by [these] present, that we, Thomas Lord Seymour of Sudeley, Great Admiral of England, Knight of the Order of the Garter, and William Sharington Knight, have appointed as attorney in our place, those who are dear to us in Christ, Anthony Penne, Lawrence Hammon and Edward Pole gentlemen, and all of them either jointly or separately, shall be our true and lawful attorneys and deputies. To receive of Thomas Wyatt, Knight, on our behalf and in our name, full possession and seisin of and in all and singular lands, tenements and hereditaments whatsoever of the said Thomas Wyatt within the City of London. Indeed, my aforesaid attorneys may have and hold the whole freely, whether jointly or separately, and shall receive possession and seisin of the same. In witness of this we append our seal to this our deed. Given on the 26th day of March in the first year of the reign of our most illustrious prince and most serene lord, Edward the Sixth, by the grace of God King of England, France and Ireland, Defender of the Faith and Supreme Head in the lands of the Anglican and Irish Church.

    [Witness] T. Seymour Exe[cuted] by me
    John Warneford


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