First World War

What was life like during the First World War? Pupils will use primary sources to explore the experiences of families on the home front in Wiltshire and Swindon and what life was like for soldiers training on Salisbury Plain and on active service. The session uses material from the archives including letters, diaries, school log books, photographs and sketchbooks. The History Centre's collections allow the session to tailored to your school and geographic area. Themes covered include:

  • Women and war work.
  • Children's contribution to the war effort.
  • Votes for women - and men.
  • Peace and Remembrance.

  evacuees from London





Visits to the History Centre

Workshop sessions at the History Centre will use some original material from the archive. All visits to the History Centre include a tour of the strongroom and use of our public facilities; lockers, toilets, vending machines, area for eating lunch. There is full disabled access and a disabled toilet.

This session is available Monday-Friday
Sessions Morning 9.30am - 12noon
Afternoon 12.30pm - 3.00pm

Charge £3.50 per pupil +VAT
Maximum number 30 Tues-Fri
60 on Mondays

Visits to your school

Sessions at school will be delivered using replica material.
Charge £4 per pupil+VAT
Travel costs £20