Volunteering on the Lacock Unlocked Project


“I have made good friends and enjoyed working in an amicable atmosphere, which encourages exchange of information and experience, both in furtherance of the relevant task, and also in general.”

Volunteer response in a recent survey


Lacock Unlocked has only been possible due to the volunteers who have given up their free time to help this project.  They have worked on various aspects from cataloguing and numbering the archives to interviewing local residents for the oral history project.

Volunteers Cataloguing

The project originally began with the support and involvement of the local community and supporters through holding a community forum.  Though not technically volunteers, members of the community forum were proactive with the development of the project and even assisted with the interview process for the project archivist.  Many of those who participated in the community forum went on to be volunteers with the project.

A large number of volunteers have been Conservation Volunteerinvolved with a diverse range of activities including cataloguing, indexing, numbering, conservation and digitisation the Lacock archives.  The volunteers themselves have ranged from the old to the young, those seeking to develop their work CV, have a general interest in Lacock or were keen family historians.  They were joined by members of the University of the Third Age Group from Devises who had already been listing the Lacock Archives before they were sold and continued to do this for the History Centre.

Volunteers have also been assisting with the Lacock Community Archive.  This has included conducting oral history interviews with residents in Lacock and the surrounding areas and transcribing these interviews for future use.  A volunteer has also been assisting with digitising and uploading the various documents and photographs provided by residents to the Lacock Community Archive. 

Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre would like to take this opportunity to thank all the volunteers who have assisted with this project which would not have been possible without them.  There is still the opportunity to help with the project from writing articles based on research from the Lacock archives or assisting with the development and moderation of this website.