Lacock 'Show and Tell' Event

on Wednesday, 15 April 2015. 1

IMG 6231Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre held an event in Lacock in the Manger Barn to encourage local residents to share their wonderful memories of the village.  The aim of the event was to produce content, information and enthusiasm for the Lacock Community Archive.  The Community Archive project is attempting to record and preserve the villager’s memories of Lacock through oral history, photographs and documents and to share these on the Lacock Unlocked website.  It is vitally important to capture these memories before they become lost and provide an opportunity and location for them to be shared and enjoyed by the village and others.      

The ‘Show and Tell’ event was intended to inspire and help local residents to remember and record their memories.   Photographs of the houses on the four main streets of Lacock were displayed alongside information (from records held at the History Centre) concerning previous residents and shops.  However,  we provided residents the opportunity to write down their memories and anecdotes of previous, as well as current, residents.  Alongside this, copies of Harold White Photographs, who took a series of photographs of Lacock in 1945, were also displayed.  Many residents were able to identify the people who had been photographed by Harold White, including parents, relatives and various other residents.

The event proved a success with new information (especially concerning the Harold White photographs) being collected and enthusiasm being created for the project in the village.  Many photographs and documents were provided to be copied as well as additional volunteers to be interviewed concerning their memories of Lacock and the surrounding areas.