About the Community Archive

Selman Family

The community archive for Lacock has been created by Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre as part of the HLF Lacock Unlocked Project.  The aim of the community archive is to bring together the memories and recollections of the residents of Lacock via their photos, documents and memories. 

Jim Newman leading cattle through High Street for the last time c.1960The Community Archive will complement the Lacock archives to provide a more detailed picture of the village.  The Lacock archives are primarily focused on those who owned or were connected with the Abbey and its estates.  In comparison, the community archive will focus on those who lived and worked in the village and their memories and stories.  The collection of photographs and documents are often personal memories and snapshots of life for the everyday person living in the village and surrounding areas.  It is especially important to preserve and record these memories before they become lost or misplaced forever.   These documents, photographs and memories will be uploaded to this website for everybody to view, share and comment upon.  Sharing these memories for all to see provides the opportunity for the community to develop their knowledge of the village,for example identifying unknown people in photographs.       

The Lacock Community Archive is not only concerned about Lacock the village but also the surrounding areas in the Parish including, Bowden Hill, Reybridge, Notton, Corsham Road and Lackham.  In particular it is interesting to see the dynamics and relationships between these villages and how they have changed over time.

Peggy Butler and PandaIn addition to photographs and documents recordings of resident’s memories will be made concerning their experiences of the village and surrounding areas.  These oral history interviews offer the opportunity to record villager’s memories and opinions in a unique manner.  Over 30 villagers are participating in the project.  Selected extracts from these interviews will be placed on the website for you to listen to.  In addition to this, Lacock Positive Photography Club are taking portrait photographs of the participants in the project.  

You can explore the community archive either by the search box or via the categories at the side of the page.  In addition to this, favourite photographs and documents will be displayed on the front page of the community archive.  We hope you enjoy looking round and please feel free to comment on any of the wonderful memories that local residents have provided.