• Anthony Edwards
  • Interview stretched
  • Anthony Edwards, who participated in the oral history interviews, tending the Lacock cricket pitch.
  • Michael Belcher (volunteer) interviewing the owner of Quintessentially English, Jacqui Sheard.

The Community Archive has been created as a place for local residents of Lacock, Reybridge, Bowden Hill and the surrounding areas to share their wonderful memories and stories.  It is easy for you to get involved and share your memories in a variety of ways.   You can upload your own photographs and archives directly to the website by visiting Add your Archive.  These will be then displayed for others to view and discuss.  If you are unable to upload your documents directly to the site then we can visit you and either take a photograph or scan an image to be used on the website.  Please get in contact via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if this is the case.

Bob Bray, David Sage from Lacock Positive Photography with Penny Gallagher, oral history volunteer.

There is also the opportunity to comment on the photographs and documents that have been uploaded to the website.  If you recognise somebody in a photograph or know more about where it was taken then we would appreciate hearing from you.  The Community Archive allows us to pool all the knowledge and information that is held by individual residents into one single place to create a clearer picture of the people and history of Lacock.

Leo Stevens, Lacock residentYou can also participate by recording your memories of Lacock and the surrounding areas in an oral history interview.  These could be childhood or work memories, anecdotes about the village or stories about your family’s involvement in the village.  We are interviewing a wide range of individuals from those who have lived their entire life’s in Lacock and whose families go back generations in the village to those who have moved more recently to the area or run a business.  Hopefully this will create a dynamic and varied collection on the thoughts of the village and surrounding areas, and the community’s history.  If you think that you have an interesting story to tell or memory of the village then please do get in contact.

Simone McDowellDavid Sage and Bob Bray, from Lacock Positive Photography Club, have been photographing participants in the oral history project.  These wonderful photographs provide a visual dynamic to the project and complement the oral history interviews.  A team of volunteers have also helped with the project from interviewing and transcribing to digitising photographs and developing the website.  The volunteers have come from various backgrounds from those living in the village, those who volunteer with the National Trust to others who have ancestors who are connected with Lacock or have a general interest and passion for history and the local area.

We have also held various events for the community archive in Lacock to encourage local residents to get involved.  This has included a ‘Show and Tell’ event.  This event involved photographs of the houses in Lacock in an attempt to inspire residents to remember who had once lived there and any memories they had of previous residents and businesses.  In addition to this, we displayed photographs by Harold White (who took photographs of the village and its residents at the end of World War Two) and members of the community were able to identify many of those who were photographed.  It was a wonderful event to get the community involved with the project and we are hoping that future events will produce the same results.

Michael Belcher interviewing Jacqui Sheard

We are also happy to upload any articles you may wish to write concerning the village, your memories or family history.  We are also interested in any photographs of the village that could be used on the website.  The Community Archive is all about involving local residents and a chance for you to share your memories and stories with others, so please do get involved!