Residents leaving church              Church Service     Church Choir: Back Row L-R- Mildred Walker, Bill Stevens                                                                                                  

Rev. Jeeves             Mrs Gayle (moving the flowers) and Dolly Edwards during the Harvest Festival                 Mrs Jackson directing the nativty with Kathy Copland,Ursula Awdry,Charles Wiltshire and Joan Wiltshire                                                                  

Fred Bird (nearest)            Harvest Festival: Joan Pocock (foreground), Mrs Jeeves and Mrs Rossiter     Preparing for Harvest Festival, Mrs Jones, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Jeeves, Miss Gow, Miss Bethell, Joan Pocock

 Rev Jeeves Lacock, Mr Chinn, Choirmaster, Pat Huxtable          Rev. Jeeves with Mrs Hodgson and Percy HodgsonChurch Council: L-R Minnie Ring, Mary Murray, Dora Taylor, Mr Hinton, Charles Wiltshire, Rev Jeeves, Col Maurice Jackson, Mrs Hodgson, Harry Hill