Women's Institute:Front Row L-R: Mrs Amor, Joan Crook and Alan, Miss Talbot, Miss Crathorne, Mrs Hodgson, Mrs Jeeves.               L-R: Bill Arthur, Unknown, Charlie Williams, Unknown, Bill Gillet          Youth Club: Boxers L-R: Darcy Hunt, David Chamberlain.  Spectators L-R: Unknown, Mrs. Jackson, Audrey Fidler, Unknown                                                                                                                                                    

Mr. Hobbs at The George Inn              Mrs Cripps with her son, John Cripps, and her daughter.  Mrs Cripps father, Mr Banks is in the background.         Women's Institute:Front Group L-R: Unknown, Margaret Jones, Ruby Jefferies, Nellie Tayler, Mrs Crew, Ada Elmes, Unknown, Unknown.                                                                                                                                   

Lacock Cricket Team             Working Men's ClubTea Time with Daisy Jenkins (right) at the Corner House

Mrs Miles behind the bar in the Red Lion

            Dr. Moore at home with his familyWorking Men's Club with Mr Hopkins right next to Tom Selman and  Mervyn Drewitt at the bar

The Lacock Scout Troop: Reg Bush (Scout Leader) Miss Talbot and Michael Drewett (tallest boy)            Nellie Butler serving children in her sweetshop at No.2 High Street.