Jack Butler, Wheelwright.                Harry Potter, Postman.       P.C. Parker                                                                                                                    

Nellie Tayler serving Rose Baker in her Grocery Store.

        Reginald Jefferies, Cobbler and Radio and Television Repairman.   Stanley Flower and his dog Michael                                                                                                      

Mr.Slocombe or Mr.Champion the Milkman.                  Dr. Ian MoreJack Burnett, Blacksmith.                                                                                                            

Charles Miles landlord of the Red Lion                 George Wiltshire, Village Carpenter Farm Labourer from Manor Farm                                                                                                              

Inside Rey Mill with Alec Hunt                 The Village Dairy run by Mr & Mrs Champion          Farmhand with a Pedigree Bull

Miss Ring and Mr Gregory with Wiltshire's van

               Parish Council Meeting L-R Arthur Williams (Picadilly Nurseries), Harry Potter, Edward Brinkworth (Baker), Fred Bird, Ernie Webb (bus driver), Archie DoelDr Moore visiting a patient

L-R Sheila Sprules, Bill Minty (Squeker), Archie Doel (Ticker Doel)