Telegraph article about The Sign of the Angel

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Telegraph cover

Front Cover

The Lacock Bakery

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Jean Sheard, owner of the bakery

Photograph taken by David Sage and Bob Bray.

Latham Grocer's

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Latham Stores


Latham stores c.1900.

Photograph doanted by Jacqui Sheard.

Margaret Smith's Retirement Party from Lacock Abbey

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Margaret's Retirement Party

Margaret Smith, John Smith, Alan Smith, Vivienne Smith, James Smith.

Coachmans Cottage

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Coachmans Cottage Bowden Hill c.1930 website

The Coachman's Cottage at Bowden Hill - home of Mr and Mrs Rutherford, 1911 - 1952. Mr Rutherford was Coachman to Sir John Gladstone until his death in 1938. Mrs Rutherford appears on the far left of the photo. c.1925.

Photo courtesy of Mr Gerald Davies.



Harold White Collection 6

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Harold Village

Villagers walking towards The George Inn


Harold Village2

Mr. Bill Gillett leading horses through the village


Harold Village3

Mrs. Davis walking on Church Street


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