Bert and Edith get Married

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Gran  Gramps wedding Bert  Edith

 Edith Winnifred Jones marries Herbert John Stevens at St. Cyriac’s Church, Lacock on August 27th 1932. 
The ceremony was performed by the Rev. Jeeves.

Chief bridesmaids Rosemary Jones (sister of the bride) and Gladys Stevens (sister of the bridegroom).
The young bridesmaid is Jane Edwards.



Bert  Edith Stevens

Bert and Edith's Wedding Day, August 27th 1932


Herbert  Ediths marriage certificate

Bert & Edith's Marriage Certificate.
The wedding took place at Lacock's St. Cyriac's Church, and was carried out by the Rev. Leonard Jeeves, Vicar. 


Newspaper clipping Edith  Herberts cricket wedding

A cutting from the local newspaper, describing the wedding cremony and procession. Herbert 'Bert' Stevens was the skipper of Lacock's cricket team.

Pictures donated by Eileen & Jeffery Stevens