Sue Tapliss and Silver Jubilee Sport's Day

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Sue Tapliss at Lacock Abbey winter 1969-70

I remember the Queen’s Silver Jubilee celebrations in 1977, the whole
village held its celebrations in the grounds of Lacock Abbey. Sports
events were held on the meadow, there was a sack race and I did the
three-legged race with my father; we didn't win.

The Abbey wSue Tapliss 1972as open and in the evening there was a Barbecue in the Abbey court yard - I think this was the first time I had heard of a barbecue. We were allowed in the cloisters and this was the first time many of us had been inside this National Trust property, were disappointed that the many ghost stories we told each other about the abbey appeared not to be true, though that did not stop us trying to spook ourselves in the evening as the darkness drew in.

 At the celebrations all the children were given a commemorative mug.  I’ve still got that mugSilver Jubilee Mug and have never let anyone drink out of it.

The long hot summer of 1976, the ladybird plague, rabbits suffering terribly with Myxomatosis, Abba and the premier of Star Wars made a greater impression on me than the Queen's Jubilee, but the thing that always makes me laugh now is my concern that eating Space Dust, a new popping candy sweet of the time that we bought from Peggy Butler's Sweet Shop, and drinking coke at the same time would make your head explode!


Sue Tapliss