The Wiltshire Times, 10th September 1932

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"Lacock's Wonderful Pageant of History......Thousands Thrilled by Remarkable Spectacle."

"Lacock, choicest jewel in the rich diadem of Wiltshire's beautiful villages, still in appearance almost mediaeval, and unspoilt after centuries of time, drew upon her on Saturday the eyes of the whole countryside, as in pageantry was unfolded a stirring page in her history, when the Abbey of Lacock was consecrated seven hundred years ago."


Dairy Makers

Miss. Self and her goose


"Douglas" and The Goose-Girl.

"Opposite him stands the Goose-girl (Miss Self).  She has three geese, 'Douglas,' 'Elizabeth,' and 'Henry.'  So well has Miss Self, a local farmer's daughter, trained them, that they will quite willingly walk on a string lead, eat from her hand, and generally do anything they are requested to do, if requested politely enough.  A great deal of amusement was caused the endeavours of one of them on a lead trying to keep up with the crowd which was running away from the witch.  Flapping his wings and craning his neck, all the while running for all he was worth, this old gander behaved just like a dog pulling on the leash."


Laidies in Waiting


"In an interview I had with Miss Talbot writes a "Wiltshire Time" reporter, this lady, who is held in such affection and esteem by the people of Lacock, without which happy relations such a Pageant would have been well-nigh impossible, described it as an extraordinary success.

One thing which in particular impressed her, she said, was the fact that everyone taking part seemed to be so very friendly. "The whole time we were preparing the Pageant," she continued, " and particularly during the last six months when we were working at top pressure, we had absolutely no differences or difficulties.  Everybody played up well-and the whole of the village took part you know."

"I would like to take this opportunity of expressing my thanks to the villagers in particular, for if it had not been for their whole-hearted co-operation and team spirit the Pageant could never have been the success it was."


Blacksmith and Ale Wives

A list of Principal Characters who took part in the Pageant.

Prinicipal Characters