Wiltshire News, 9th September 1932

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Wiltshire News September 9, 1932

"Lacock's Great Pageant"

"All the pride of chivalry, the pomp of ecclesiastical dignity and the honest, light-hearted gaiety of the common people in their best and brightest homespun and coloured hoods, was mingled in a medley of colour and animation."

Ela, Countess of Salsibury played by Matilda Talbot

"Knights in grey chain-armour, ladies in long flowing gowns of purple, scarlet, brown and green, with their faces framed by whimples and on their heads golden coronets, walked to and fro over the greensward; yokels, old wives, yeoman pikemen, country lasses in high spirits and aged gaffers with white beards watched the frolics of the village sports."

Flower Girls and Shepherd

Participants outside Lacock Abbey

"Jousting on foot and horseback and "woodman blind"-an age-old equivalent of "blind man's bluff", not to mention country dancing, were all part of the merrymaking which followed the great and pious ceremony of the hallowing of the Abbey by the Lord Bishop of Salisbury-a ceremony in which Ela, Countess of Salisbury, was the most prominent of the laity."

Mr Hopkins as the swineherd

St. George banishing the dragon


"I felt that in the old English village with its thatched huts and cottages I was regarded as something of a curiosity.  My good woman baker, who sold me bread with such a pretty curtsey, was far more careful of her bread-making than the sale of it.  She was not interested in the peculiar stranger, I was not of her village.  The hoary blacksmith gave an audible sniff, or so it seemed to me, as I dared to stop to watch him at his anvil.  Yet that dear little goose girl was frightened by my look-she knew nothing of the meaning of a look from a young man of the 20th century-so she busied herself with her geese."


"Village men and maidens who appeared in the pageant"