Bowden Hill

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2 people infront Birds Bowden Hill

The Birds' house, Naish Hill c.1900. The cottage was later destroyed.



'Granny' Stevens

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Granny Stevens in Bewley Lane Bowden Hill. 1920s-30s

Elizabeth 'Granny' Stevens, b.1861, on Bewley Lane, Bowden Hill, c.1920's-30's.

Image courtesy of the Wilson Photographic collection - Chippenham Museum.



Coachmans Cottage

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Coachmans Cottage Bowden Hill c.1930 website

The Coachman's Cottage at Bowden Hill - home of Mr and Mrs Rutherford, 1911 - 1952. Mr Rutherford was Coachman to Sir John Gladstone until his death in 1938. Mrs Rutherford appears on the far left of the photo. c.1925.

Photo courtesy of Mr Gerald Davies.



Elizabeth II Coronation

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Celebration Meal

A meal to celebrate the Queen Elizabeth II Coronation at Bowden Hill. June 2nd 1953.