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Exercising Lacock style!

on Thursday, 07 May 2015.

Casually sifting through a box of varied documents, mostly belonging to Matilda Talbot, I was intrigued and amused to discover these four pages of handwritten exercises. The exercises were created and drawn by the International Association of Margaret Morris Movement.

Margaret Morris Movement still exists today and specialises in creative dance movement, particularly breathing techniques. Although the exercises are unfortunately undated, it can be assumed that they were written around the 1930s. They contain breathing and movement exercises, and, wonderfully, also contain diagrams of how the exercise should be done.


Lacock Abbey's Great Hall Commemoration

on Thursday, 07 May 2015.

We have found some documents in the Lacock archive concerning the 200th anniversary of the commemoration of the Great Hall in Lacock, which was rebuilt in the 1750s by John Ivory Talbot, the estate's owner at the time. The bundle of documents has the following reference: 2664/3/4B/24.

Talbot and the architect Sanderson Miller designed the Great Hall in a Gothic style and anyone who has visited Lacock will remember the prowess of the room, with its great high ceilings, coats of arms decorating the ceiling, and breathtaking sculptures adorning the walls. Outside, Talbot built some grand Gothic steps. 

Lacock Great Hall