Charles Henry Talbot

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Charles Henry Talbot was the only son of William Henry Fox Talbot, and inherited Lacock on his father’s death in 1877.

He never married and was a recluse, preferring to spend his time studying. His great interests were in history and archaeology and he did extensive research on the history of the Lacock buildings, Lacock itself and its residents. His love of antiquary and the quiet life meant that he accumulated a great deal of knowledge about his family and his family home, related families and documents. He also took an interest in the abbey itself and did some restoration work on the monastic parts of the house with the architect Sir Harold Brakspear.

Charles’ health was delicate and during the last few years of his life his niece Matilda lived with him to look after him. His sisters, two of whom were spinsters, also regularly visited until their deaths.

When Charles died in 1916, the estate passed by his instruction to his niece Matilda, the daughter of his married sister Matilda Caroline Gilchrist-Clark, who had married John Gilchrist-Clark from Speddoch. This was a strange move as Matilda had a brother, William, but she took it over anyway with some help from William.