Sharington Talbot the younger

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Col Sharington Talbot succeeded to the Lacock estate on the death of his grandmother Olive. His father, also Sharington Talbot, had died four years earlier. His father married twice and had many children, and had succeeded to the Salwarpe estate on the death of his father John Talbot. When Sharington died in 1642, the Salwarpe estate passed to his son and Lacock in 1646 on the death of Olive. Despite probably being born at Lacock, he appears to have spent most of his life at Salwarpe: his children were all baptised there.

Sharington Talbot II

Sharington was a Royalist and took up arms for Charles I in the civil war. He was also taken prisoner in 1644 and imprisoned in Warwick Castle, then being sent to London as having acted as one of the King’s Commissioners of Array for Worcestershire.

During his life, Lacock was occupied at different times by parliamentary and royalist garrisons.

In 1627 he married Jane Lyttleton, the sister of Sir Thomas Lyttleton, baronet. Lyttleton had estates in Frankly, Halesowen, Hagley and Upper Arley.

Col Talbot died in 1677 and his estates passed to his eldest son John.