Sharington Talbot the elder

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Sharington Talbot the elder was the eldest son of John Talbot of Salwarpe and Olive, daughter of Sir Henry Sharington of Lacock.

Sharington Talbot I

Sharington succeeded to the Salwarpe estate aged just four, on the death of his father in 1581.

He lived at Lacock for at least ten years after his first marriage to Elizabeth Leighton. He was returned to Parliament for Chippenham in 1597. He then moved to Salwarpe in 1608, and the rest of his children by Elizabeth were baptised there.

His second marriage was to Mary Washbourne and he then appeared to move back to Lacock as five of their six children were baptised there. However, he is always associated with Salwarpe. He never inherited the Lacock estate as he predeceased his mother, dying in 1642. He was buried at Salwarpe. His son Sharington succeeded him to the Salwarpe estate immediately, and inherited Lacock and Olive's other estates four years later when she died.