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Henry Davenport III

on Thursday, 07 May 2015. Posted in Davenport

Henry Davenport (1678-1731) was the son of Henry Davenport of Hallon, Shropshire. He inherited his father's estates following the death of his eldest brother Sharington. He married twice, firstly Mary Lucy Chardin who died in 1712, and secondly Barbara Ivory, the sister of John Ivory who had inherited Lacock from Sir John Talbot.

Henry Davenport III

John Jones: attempting to carve a career in India

on Wednesday, 02 December 2015. Posted in Other

John Talbot (1717-1778) fathered four children outside of marriage, the third of these children was John Jones, who appears in the Lacock Parish records on 23 September 1764 as b.b.s (base born son) of Catherine Jones. John’s sister Ann, also the daughter of John Talbot had been born a year earlier. His half siblings were Thomas Elms (1758–1783) and Louisa Spicer Talbot, born and died at three weeks in April 1778. John Jones’ life is the most documented of the four, due to his correspondence with Martha Davenport.

John Talbot

John Talbot, the father of John Jones

Robert Raworth's rebellion, 1713

on Saturday, 18 June 2016. Posted in Other

“Robert Raworth late Deputy Governor of Fort St. David has contrary to all Law and Justice assumed a power to himself to keep Fort St. David in his Possession and not render it as it is his duty to the Order of the Honble. Presidt. Of the Council of Fort St. George to whom he is subordinate therefore he can be found none other than a Rebel and a Traitor to his Queen and Country and an Enemy to the Company.” 

These were the opening lines of an arrest warrant issued by the Governor and Council of the Honourable East India Company, 13th October 1713. Nine days earlier Henry Davenport had been dispatched from Fort St. George, Madras (1) to become Acting Deputy Governor and send Robert Raworth back to Madras to answer charges against him. Henry and Robert had been colleagues and friends in the Company, but letters and documents in the Lacock archive attest to the complete reversal in their relationship. They also beg the question: why did Robert Raworth as Deputy Governor of the Company in Madras choose to rebel in October 1713?

Fort St George

Fort St George