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Henry Davenport III

on Thursday, 07 May 2015. Posted in Davenport

Henry Davenport (1678-1731) was the son of Henry Davenport of Hallon, Shropshire. He inherited his father's estates following the death of his eldest brother Sharington. He married twice, firstly Mary Lucy Chardin who died in 1712, and secondly Barbara Ivory, the sister of John Ivory who had inherited Lacock from Sir John Talbot.

Henry Davenport III

Sharington Talbot the elder

on Tuesday, 06 October 2015. Posted in Talbot

Sharington Talbot the elder was the eldest son of John Talbot of Salwarpe and Olive, daughter of Sir Henry Sharington of Lacock.

Sharington Talbot I

The Sharington Talbots of Lacock Abbey

on Tuesday, 26 January 2016. Posted in Talbot

There are four people with this name associated with Lacock Abbey and village, although only one actually owned the property.

The first, Sharington Talbot, sometimes known as “the elder”, was born in 1577 the son of John Talbot and Olive Sharington. Unfortunately he died in 1642 and pre-deceased his mother who owned Lacock.

His son Sharington, “the younger”, born in 1599, inherited the estate from his grandmother. He died in 1677.

His first-born son, also Sharington, died in infancy so it was the second son John who inherited.

In accordance with tradition, John named his first son Sharington but sadly he too died before his father.

The following pages provide details of the lives of the three who grew to adulthood.