Archaeology Service

ArchaeologyThe Archaeology Service now forms part of the facilities provided by Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre.

The Archaeology Service has a duty of identifying, recording and protecting Wiltshire´s archaeology by advising planning departments and negotiating with landowners and developers.

The Service uses a digital mapping system and computer database to maintain the Wiltshire and Swindon Historic Environment Record on which there are over 35,000 sites indentified. This information is then used by developers and other interested parties. 

Pioneers in archaeological research - such as General Pitt Rivers in the late 19th century - first revealed the outstanding quality of Wiltshire´s archaeology. Each year brings a crop of new discoveries, but also challanges as development, forestry, farming and quarrying threaten sites with destruction.

Visiting the Archaeology Service

The work of the  Archaeology team often takes them out of the office. If you have an enquiry about the Archaeology of Wiltshire or the Historic Environment Record you should telelphone 01249 705526 or 07917 790187 to make an appointment with a member of the team


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