Wiltshire Buildings Record

The Wiltshire Buildings Record is a voluntary society and charity founded in 1979. It exists to stimulate interest and further researching into the study of Wiltshire buildings.

Below is a summary of our service, but for more detailed information go to our website:

The collection is a unique archive of the buildings people have lived and worked in over the centuries.

The catalogued material includes photographs, reports, plans, maps and copies of historical documents. In addition it can drawn on the full resources of the Wiltshire and Swindon Archives to reveal the history of buildings in the landscape.

We also have a range of books about buildings in the county written and published by us.

Why should we care about old buildings?

Historic buildings are a precious and finite asset and a powerful reminder to us of the work and way of life of earlier generations. The richness of the country's architectural heritage plays an influential part in our sense of national identity.
English Heritage

Discover the History of your Home

One of the services the Wiltshire Buildings Record offers is a personalised survey and record of your home or property.

This can be tailored to meet your needs whether for general interest or to assist, for example, with a planning application.

We produce a comprehensive report illustrated with appropriate plans, drawings and photographs. It will cover the evolution and development of the building and can include historical research about the property and the people who lived or worked there.

We would also appreciate any opportunity to visit old buildings in the county to increase our knowledge and assist research. Contacts in respect of this would be welcome.

Surveys and reports are conducted in accordance with the Royal Commission's Recording Historic Buildings standards.

Opening hours

We are staffed on Tuesdays 9:30 - 5:00.

However our collections can be accessed by the searchroom staff Wednesdays to Saturdays 9:30 to 5:30.

Becoming part of Wiltshire Buildings Record

Many hundreds of Wiltshire buildings are already recorded but there remains an enormous amount of work to be done to identify and record buildings some of which are at risk. People can contribute in a number of ways and we welcome a range of help.

If you are interested in Wiltshire buildings join us! Your membership is important and the subscription contributes to funding a range of society activities.


  • have access to the record
  • can receive advice and assistance in respect of their buildings or research
  • receive a regular newsletter
  • can attend study days

There is in addition an annual themed seminar.


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