Summary guide to family and estate records

This is a list of the principal collections of family and estate archives in the Wiltshire and Swindon Archives. It is not exhaustive and there are many miscellaneous groups of records that can be found using online finding aids. Each entry ends with the relevant catalogue number(s) which should be consulted for further details.

AILESBURY of Savernake (ESTURMEY, SEYMOUR, then BRUDENELL-BRUCE family).  Deeds, Great and Little Bedwyn, Burbage, Collingbourne Ducis, Collingbourne Kingston, Easton Royal, East and West Grafton, Marlborough, Mildenhall, Milton Lilbourne, Preshute, Savernake, Shalbourne, etc., 13thcent.-1883.  Manorial records, accounts, surveys, rentals, same places, 1309-186.  Estate account books, 1696-1918, contract books for leases and copies, 1568-1821, estate papers and vouchers, 18th-19thcents.  Maps, Chisbury, 1612, Stock and Great Bedwyn, 1751, Collingbourne Ducis, 1777, etc.  Estate and personal correspondence, mainly of Thomas, Earl of Ailesbury, c1758-1814.  Legal papers concerning disputes with the Duke of Marlborough and Lord Verney in Marlborough and Great Bedwyn, c1760, etc.  Correspondence, bills, orderly books of the Wiltshire Militia and Royal Wiltshire Yeomanry, 1758-1820.  Two diaries of proceedings in Parliament, 1621 and 1624, and 1654 and 1659.  Legal treatises and reports, 14thcent.  Savernake forest records 13th-20thcents. Papers relating to Tottenham house and grounds including work by Lancelot Brown mid 18thcent-mid 19thcent family papers, Seymour Bruce and Brudenell Bruce families 16th-20thcents miscellaneous Esturmey (Sturmy) family documents 14th-15thcents. (9,1116,1300)

ALEXANDER of Upavon:  Deeds 1622-1915.  Family and estate correspondence 1790-1892.  (1975)

ANSTIE of  Devizes:  Deeds and papers , Devizes, Bromham 1646-1880.  (212A/25)


ARCHER of Castle Eaton: Deeds Castle Easton, Marston Maisey, Stratton St Margaret etc., 1668-1920; map of Stratton St Margaret, 1806; sale particulars, 1925. (1040)

ARNOLD of Shurnhold in Melksham and Puddletown, Dorset:  Deeds and estate records, Melksham, Broughton Gifford 1684-1841, Puddletown 1375-1882. Family and  household records of Dr Henry Arnold, Wells Cathedral, Somerset and others 1726-1860. (873)

ARUNDELL of Wardour:  Deeds, manorial and estate records, Tisbury, Donhead etc Wilts, Dorset, Hants and Somerset 14th-20thcents.  Papers relating to Wardour Castle and Park 17th-20th cents.  Family correspondence 18th-20thcents, including references to Roman Catholicism.  Wyndham and Barber families, estate and family papers, Berwick St John, Salisbury etc, 17th-18thcents.  Papers of Sir Richard Burton c. 1860-1890.  (216, 272, 708, 750, 1012, 1034, 2667, 2772)

ASHBURTON, Lord.  All Cannings, Winterbourne Stoke and Stapleford: conveyancing papers 1807-1899 (776)

ASHE of Langley Burrell.  Deeds, Langley Burrell including Langley brewery, Chippenham, Kington Langley, Kington St Michael, Hardenhuish, Purton, Rodbourne Cheney, Lacock, Avebury, Malmesbury, Yatton Keynell, Devizes, Calne, Cherhill, Homington, Wingfield, Bradford on Avon, Westwood, Somerford, Lyneham, Hilmarton, etc., 1552-1875.  Manorial records, Langley Burrell, 1586-1810.  Estate and household accounts, 1661-1877.  Enclosure papers, Langley Burrell and Overton, e.19thcent.  Justice’s notebook, 1664-1711.  Parish records, Langley Burrell, 1666-1836.  Subsidy book, hundreds of Chippenham, Calne, Malmesbury and Damerham North, 1641.  Turnpike accounts and receipts, Draycott, Stanton, Hardenhuish and Chippenham roads, 1ate 18thcent. Lawyers’ account and notebook, 1708-1758. Agreement for Studley Langley and Birds Marsh common, Langley Burrell 1715 and enclosure agreement 1837-1838. Family settlements 1803, 1807. Memoranda book of Revd Samuel Ashe; mainly antiquarian material, 1785-1790 (118, 568, 700/69, 3623/1).


ASHLEY of Everleigh.  Estate papers 1894-1920 (175).


AWDRY of Melksham and Seend.  Deeds, Melksham, Seend, Poulshot, Broughton Gifford, Chippenham, Langley Burrell, Hardenhuish, Lacock, Potterne, and in Somerset, Rode, Woolverton and Tellisford, 1560-1952.  Manorial records, Melksham, 1631-1902 and Southwick, 1639-1869.  Maps, River Avon between Bath and Chippenham showing lines of a projected canal, 1766, and Wiltshire and Berkshire Canal, 1793. Court books manor of Melksham 1819-1902. Manorial records Seend, 1614-1745; estate and tithe records, Seend late 17thcent – 1854.  Sheriff’s quit roll 1806. (78, 97, 109, 733, 873, 2705)

BAILEY family of Berwick Bassett and Avebury.  Deeds 1557-1860. (488)

BANBURY (KNOLLYS) estate at Warneford Park in Highworth. Deeds, Highworth, South Marston, Stanton Fitzwarren, and in Berkshire, Shrivenham and Watchfield, 1624-1902.  Manorial records, Sevenhampton in Highworth and Cloatley, 1541-1634. (40)


BASKERVILLE (BEAVEN) of Woolley Grange, Bradford on Avon. Deeds 1721-1873. (800)

BASKERVILLE of Richardson in Winterbourne Bassett. Deeds Winterbourne Bassett, Berwick Bassett and elsewhere 1276-1784 Estate and family papers 1577-1820. (799)

BATHE of Purton. Deeds 1609-1907. (1040)


BAYNTUN (STARKY) of Spye Park Chittoe and Bromham: Deeds Bromham, Chittoe 1579-1881, Romney, Kent in Canada 1847-1869.  Family settlements 1594-1839.  Estate papers 1685-1893; map of Netherstreet, Bromham 1781.  (574, 776) and see STARKY.

BEAVEN of Hilperton. Estate and probate records 1780-1893. (816)


BENETT of Pythouse in Tisbury.  Deeds, Norton Bavant, Tisbury, Westbury, etc., 1366-1875. Manorial records, Norton Bavant, Semley, Tisbury and Westbury, 16th-19thcents. Estate records, Pythouse, Norton Bavant and Westbury, 1592-1942. Maps, Enford, 19th cent., Fifield, 19thcent., East Hatch, 1801, Semley, 1737, 1847, etc. Justice’s papers, 1694-1835, including letters, etc., concerning the labourers’ revolt in south-west Wiltshire, 1830. Subsidy assessments and related records, mid-16th cent.-1696. Personal and family papers of the Benett family, 1519-20thcent. Bill in a charity suit re the parsonage of Westbury c1646; genealogical notes 18th cent.  Family settlements and deeds 1832-1866).   (413, 843)


BENNETT of Salisbury: family and business papers (printers and jewellers), 1839-1876. (776)

BENNETT of Malmesbury. Deeds, Westport Malmesbury and Brokenborough 1593-1823. Account and memoranda books of Giles Bayly Bennett solicitor 1795-1815. (1033)

BEST of London and New York. Family correspondence including wine business 1793-1862. (2536)

BEVAN of Fosbury. Deeds Shalbourne 1632-1875, Tidcombe and Fosbury 1608-1886, Vernham’s Deane, Hants, 1572-1874. (562)


BLANDY of Stratton St. Margaret. Deeds, Stratton St. Margaret, 1547-1780. Manorial records, Stratton St. Margaret, 1549-83, 1602-15, 1624. Correspondence with estate agent, 1725-52. Legal and family papers, 1634-1812. (116)

BLACKMORE of Salisbury. Deeds 1842-1853 family and business (outfitters and linen drapers) 1852-1878; household and practice papers of Dr. Humphrey P Blackmore, Salisbury 1853-1913; papers of William Blackmore, Liverpool and London, solicitor, 1827-1877. (776)

BLAGDEN of Keevil. Deeds Keevil 1584-1840; Steeple Ashton, 1819-1770; family settlements, wills 1672-1711. (644)

BLAKE of Winterbourne Earls and Laverstock.  Estate records 1841-1921.  (1214)

BLANDY of Stratton St Margaret. Deeds, 1545-1764; estate papers, c1730-c1812. (116)

BLEECK of Warminster. Deeds and family papers 1779-1902. (628)

BODENHAM and BATSON of Hilldrop, Ramsbury. Deeds 1614-1828. (2934)

BOLINGBROKE (St. JOHN) of Lydiard Tregoze, Wiltshire;  Battersea, London;  and Frampton-on-Severn and Kempsford, Gloucestershire. Deeds, mainly Lydiard Tregoze. 1565-1920. Estate rentals, 1868-1932.  Survey 1852, estate papers 1868-1944.  Map of manor of Lydiard Tregoze, Upper and Lower Bupton, and manor of Bincknoll, 1766.  Wills 1625-1957. The Grandisson book of pedigrees of related families of Grandisson and St John c1625. Estate papers:  Essex 1528-1529, 1623;  Kent 1741-1744;  North America 1799-1857;  Surrey 1672.  Personal and household papers 1621-1965.  Photographs, prints and sketches 1855-c.1890.  Legal papers in a case heard before the House of Lords about the peerage 1922. (305, 1780/3, 2323, 3430)

BONHAM of Hazelbury. Deeds, Hazelbury in Box, East Knoyle and Mere, 1578-1853. Map, manors of Hazelbury, Box and Ditteridge, 1626. (318, 364)


BOWLES, Rev. William Lisle, poet, 1762-1850, Vicar of Bremhill, 1804-44. Executorship papers and other records, 1524-1852. (451)

BRISTOW of Whiteparish. Deeds 1684-1758. Rent and estate accounts and memoranda books c1775-1851, tithe accounts 1803-1839. Plan of records 1817. (2467, 2562, 2607)

BRODIE of Salisbury. Deeds and family deeds 1733-1938. (727, 911)

BROOME of Bushton in Clyffe Pypard.  Legal documents, 1776-1787.  Correspondence concerning a sugar plantation in Demerara, 1815-1827.  (159a)



BRUGES of Semington:  Deeds  Semington, Melksham including the manor of Blackmore with deed of division and plan, 1818, Keevil etc 1592-1882.  Estate and family papers 1717 – 1923.  Fowle family of Manningford Abbotts; deeds and estate papers 1659-1796.  (816, 1958, 3238)

BUCKLAND of Crudwell and Oaksey. Deeds 1671-1872, Estate and household accounts 1783-1875.  Manor court book Purton 1736-1740. (392)

BURDETT of Axford, Ramsbury. Deeds, Ramsbury 1589-1934, Aldbourne 1704-1893, East Garston and Lambourne and Berks estate 1373-1890; London 1858-1880; surveys Eastbury, Lambourne Berks 1681, Ramsbury 1794-1890; report on the Western estate 1961; manor court books, East Garston and Eastbury in Lambourne 1773-1939, Ramsbury 1779-1903. Rentals Wilts, Berks, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Middlesex, Warwickshire 1804-1949 and Wilts and Berks 1773-1787; Ramsbury Home farm accounts 1768-1711; Northern and Western estate accounts 1982-1947.  Enclosure agreements, Wilts and Berks Estate, 1689-1736.  Estate correspondence 1872-1959. Maps and plans Inkpen, Berks, c1800-1823, Ramsbury 1806-c1896. Diaries 1835-1892, family papers, correspondence, wills etc. business and household papers 1765-1989. Army records 1836-1938. Wiltshire Lieutenancy and Ramsbury and Inkpen Hundreds papers 1612-1780 (1883, 2872)


CAILLARD of Wingfield. Family settlements and papers, 1850-1928. (2024)

CALLEY of Burderop in Chiseldon.  Deeds, Chiseldon, Wroughton 1537 – 1905, Draycot Folliatt, 1706-1867.  Estate records, accounts, rentals, c1630 - 1929; manorial records 1695-1784.  Deeds Market Lavington and West Lavington c1200 –1761.  Family and household records 1510-1931.  Business records (clothier) 1600-1662.   Militia, Yeomanry and army records 1660-1923.  Records of associated families of Browne, Pleydell, Bath, Hippisley Smyth, Codrington Stretton and Webb of Wilts, Somerset and Bristol 16th-18th cents.  (374, 1178, 1840, 1941)

CAMPBELL of Argyllshire and Bedfordshire, Estate and family papers,1586-1839.  (727)

CARD of Mere. Deeds, 1669-1887, Downton 1823-1889. Gillingham Dors, 1770-1870. Estate papers, Gillingham 1892-1918; family papers 1822-1927. (595)

CHAFYN GROVE (TROYTE BULLOCK) of Zeals.  Deeds Zeals and Mere [1226]-1871, Sedgehill 1657-1786, Chisenbury in Enford 1682-1739 Warminster 1337-1569: Silton, 1793-1906, Gillingham 1562-1863, Waddon in Portesham all in Dorset 13thcent-1792, East Coker, Somerset 1690-1876, various counties 1218-1890.  Estate papers including rentals and surveys Zeals and Mere, and whole estate 1464-1911.  Family papers including diaries 16thcent-1920.  Court books and rolls manors of Zeals and Mere 1455-1882, hundred of Warminster 1484-1485.  Papers of Bullen Reymes including material relating to his service in the household of the duke of Buckingham 1631-1634, and other official positions, 1643-1670.  Wiltshire and Dorset Militia and Yeomanry papers 1715-1910.   Commonplace book of John Clavell, writer, 1633-1636.  (865, 1361)

CLARENDON (HYDE and VILLIERS) estates in Wiltshire.  Deeds, Wootton Bassett, Midghall, Lydiard Tregoze, etc., 1619-1806.  Steward’s accounts and vouchers, 1723-1751, and rentals, etc., 1651-1813, relating to estates in Tisbury, Semley and East Knoyle.  (302)

CLARKE of Wingfield. Household account books 1855-1902;  photographs late 19th cent diaries with gardening notes, 1854-1856, 1867.  (1290, 1573)

CLEVELAND: Ashton Keynes estate. Deeds 1655-1871. Rentals 1871-1910; estate papers c.1825-1912.  (374)

CLUTTERBUCK of Hardenhuish: Deeds and the estate papers. Norton St Phillip, Somerset, North Bradley, Minchinhampton, Glos. and Hardenhuish, [1665] –1874.  (873)

CODRINGTON of Wroughton. Family and estate papers 1842-1935.  (1040)

COLEMAN of Kington Langley:  Deeds and estate records, 1584-1906.  (873)

COLSTON of Rowdeford and Roundway Park. Deeds Rowde 1640-1902, Bromham 1647-1814, Devizes and Southbroom, 1615-1920.  Estate accounts, Roundway 1931-1944.  (574).

COOMBES of Tisbury.  Deeds 1795-1875.  (1214)

CORFE of the Close, Salisbury: Account books of Arthur Thomas Corfe organist and music teacher 1793-1862.  Household records 1788-1898.  (1214)

CORR (SHEPHERD, BROWN) of Aldbourne.  Deeds 1616-1864.  (212A/6, 212A/36/35-39, 700)

CRESSWELL of Pinkney, Sherston. Deeds 1544-1875.  (403)

CREWE (HUNGERFORD) of Calne. Deeds Chilton and Witham Berks early 13thcent-1349, Saunton, Devon, 1298, 1306, Calne, and Bremhill 1410-1792, Avon in Christian Malford and Blackland 1598-1807.  Estate rentals and terriers, Calne and Blacklands, 1830-1912.  (1081)

CROUCH of Barford St Martin.  Deeds, 1582-1874.  (776)

DARELL (later LARGE) of Calcut in Cricklade.  Deeds 1713-1950.  (142)

DAVIS of Fisherton Delamere. Deeds 1615-1846; map and book of reference 1742; household and estate papers, 1675-1897.  (467, 628)

DICKINSON of Bowden Park and Corsham.  Lacock Estate accounts, 1780-1788. Accounts and letters book Bowden Park and Jamacian plantations, 1745-1801. Household, estate and Jamaican plantation account books of Ezekiel Dickinson, 1732-1779. (282, 1171)


DUCKETT  of Hartham Park Corsham. Estate and family correspondence 1654-1812 Draft history of the house and family.  (89/4/4, 3276).

DUGDALE ASTLEY of Everleigh.  Deeds, Everleigh, Pewsey and Warminster, 1775-1904.  Family papers, 1894-1917.  Estate map, 1886. Everleigh House fire brigade record book, 1880-1884. (160A, 175)


DUKE of Lake in Wilsford family papers 18th-20th  cents. (634)


ELLIOT of Salisbury.  Estate and personal accounts, Salisbury and Winterbourne Gunner 1624-1814 with farm accounts Winterbourne Cherborough farm, 1663-1726, 1754-1767.  List of bad debts 1653-1666.  An account of a debt case – the Morlaix law suit 1658-1661.  (1162)

ESTCOURT of Devizes.  Deeds Shipton Moyne Glos. 1863-1920, Devizes 1841-1899, Bishops Cannings 1785-1873.  Estate records 1855-1876.  (574).  And see SUTTON.



EVERETT (HINTON) families of Greenhill, Sutton Veny, Upton Lovell.  Deeds Upton Lovell, Sutton Veny, Codford St Peter, Codford St Mary, Bishopstrow, Warminster and Salisbury (The Weavers Hall, Endless Street) 1574-1890.  Estate papers Sutton Veny 1816-1938.  Family records 1792-1899. (628, 682, 828, 1214, 2700)

EYRE of Salisbury and Muddiford, Hants.  Deeds family and estate papers 1732-1901.  (776)

EYRE-MATCHAM of Newhouse in Redlynch and Whiteparish.  Deeds, estate papers, Redlynch, Downton, Salisbury, South Newton and Boscombe, Brightwalton, Berks, settlements and wills Eyre and Matcham families, 1311-1915. Court rolls, manor of Whelpley, Whiteparish, 1460-1638; court books, manor of Boscombe, 1634-1676. Papers realting to the estates of Thomas, lord Nelson in Wiltshire and Sicily, Italy, 1807-18885. Eyre and Matcham correspondence, family and estate, 1659-1937, and household and estate accounts, 1727-1938. Legal papers of Thomas Eyre and sir Samuel Eyre, 1612-1689. Papers of the Tooker family. Mainly Edward Tooker, including lay subsidies for parts of SE Wiltshire, 1593-1636. Poor rates, Whelpley tithing, Whiteparish, 1699-1724. Papers of Edward Matcham (died 1877), antiquarian, including letters from sir Richard Colt Hoare. Papers of John Russell (died 1751), naval administrator and diplomat. (1369)

FALKNER of Hilcot, North Newnton.  Deeds 1635-1852.  (2891)

FANE (LAMBERT) of  Boyton.  Deeds Boyton including Corton, Sherrington, Codford St Peter, Upton Lovell. Keevil including Bulkington c1300-1893; estate surveys, [1397]-1872; sales of underwood, 18th cent; court books, Keevil with Bulkington 1602-1679; papers about the advowson of Boyton, c1600; magistracy papers, mid 18th cent; papers of Sir Henry Fane, 1808-1839, who served in the Peninsular war, and major general R B Wood, in the Indian Mutiny and Crimean war, 1845-1856; papers of Edmund DV Fane, diplomat,1866-1899.  (288, 857, 1976, 3534)

FISHER of Liddington.  Deeds, Liddington, Ogbourne St Andrew, Marlborough, and in Surrey, East Sheen, 1474-1823.  (56)

FLOYD of Great Chalfield.  Deeds 1631-1913.  (1320)

FORMAN of Calne.  Deeds, Calne, 1544-1779, Devizes, 1374-1738, Hilmarton, 1398-1743.  Manorial customal, Prebend of Calne, 1661.  Executorship papers, 1624-1788, including papers of Formans of Chester, Pennsylvania, 1681-1767.  (546)

FOWLE of Charlton near Pewsey.  Deeds, Fyfield, Overton, Lockeridge and Melksham, 1697-1822.  (57).   And see BRUGES.


FREKE (later HUSSEY-FREKE) of Hannington and Salisbury.  Deeds, Salisbury, 1664-1837, Highworth and Hannington, 1356-1919.  Manorial records, Enford, 1537, 1552-1553, 1599-1723, and Prebend of Highworth, 1761-1860.  Estate accounts, Highworth, Hannington, Enford and Salisbury, 1846-1908.  Conveyancing and estate papers, Highworth, Enford 1673-1906; business (clothiers) and family accounts, Salisbury, 1752-1795; family papers, 1770-1907; family estate papers, Hannington 1628-1921; copy of an enclosure agreement, Hannington 1632.  Minutes of the common lands meeting 1840-1962.  Court papers, manor of Hannington 1757-1788.  (7, 280, 315, 516, 776, 1033, 1337, 1354, 2920)

FRICKER of Chitterne.  Deeds Imber, 1708-1887;  Estate and household papers 1815-1835.  (628)

FULLER of Jaggards, Corsham.  Family correspondence diaries and papers of Sir John Fuller M.P. 1882-1915.  Papers of Christopher Fuller including papers relating to a tour of Russia 1931-1932, 1928-1941.  Deeds and estate papers 1638-1997.  (1196)

GAISFORD (PETO) of Iford, Westwood.  Deeds 1666-1912.  (445,840).  And see PETO

GAUNTLET (FARMER) of Little Bedwyn and Urchfont.  Estate accounts and papers Little Bedwyn estate, 1863-1912;  various family papers 1844-1910.  (1010)

GAUNTLETT of Downton.  Deeds, Downton, Salisbury, etc., 1594-1728.  (166)

GIBBS (GAISFORD) of Westbury.  Deeds Westbury, West Ashton, Keevil 1578-1873 family settlements and wills 1734-1804.  (1494)

GLEED of Ashton Keynes.  Deeds 1658-1790;  family household and estate accounts and papers including school books 1730-1915.  Ashton Keynes Working Men’s Club and Reading room minutes and accounts 1884-1904.  (946)

GODDARD of Clyffe Pypard.  Deeds, Clyffe Pypard, Broad Hinton, Broad Town, Aldbourne, 1429-1883.  Manorial records, Clyffe Pypard, 1684-1808.  Estate records, Clyffe Pypard, 1733-1901.  Map, part of manor of Clyffe Pypard, 1887.  Legal and family papers, 1641-1918. Personal and estate papers including the vicarage and parsonage, Clyffe Pypard, 1626-1837.  Household and personal accounts 1839-1946.  Personal papers 1858-1912.  Deed Ogbourne Maizey 1668.  Orders to repair highway Clyffe Pypard 1689.  (110, 1064, 1381)

GODDARD of Swindon.  Deeds estate and manorial records Swindon and Stratton St Margaret 1346-1936.  Deeds, Carmarthen., Wales 1336-1852.  Parish records including the rectory, Swindon 17th-19thcents. Family records 17th-20thcents. (700, 1461).

GOLDNEY of Chippenham.  Deeds, Chippenham and adjoining parishes, 12th cent.-1949.  Manorial records, Avebury, Bremhill, Bromham, Bromham Baynton, Rowden, Stanley, Chippenham, Sheldon and Lowden, and in Somerset, Enmore, etc., 1645-1848.  Estate records, Bromham, Chippenham, etc., 1709-1910.  Rentals of lands of Bradenstoke priory in Coldecote and Towcester, Northants 1467; map of the manor of Sheldon, Chippenham 1711x1728; Survey Chippenham 1728-1795 Bradenstoke, 1772;  estate papers Chippenham, Bradenstoke, 1727-1922.  Map, Avebury, 1702.  Personal, business, parliamentary and family papers, 1608-1949.  Lord Treasurer’s letters of direction, c.1679-1703, and warrants for the Privy Seal, 1710-1711.  (473, 740, 1213, 1259)

GOLDSBOROUGH of Mere.  Family papers, wills and trust deeds 1652-1930.  (2601)

GORE of Alderton.  Pedigree C.1670;  Survey of Alderton, Hullavington and Grittleton 1665.   Letters of Thomas Gore, antiquarian 1660-1675.  (84, 1909, 2105)

GROBHAM of Great Wishford.  Cartulary and commonplace book of Sir Edward Grobham of Great Wishford.  Contains copy deeds relating to property in places mainly in south Wiltshire, but also elsewhere in Wiltshire and in other counties, 1595-early 17th cent.  (753)

GROVE of Ferne, Donhead St Andrew.  Deeds, Ferne and Brookway in Westbury 1236-1581.  Family settlements and wills 1560-1938.  Estate records, including survey of several manors in West Penwith, Cornwall, 1655, Cornwall, Derbyshire, Gloucestershire, London, Norfolk, Oxfordshire, Somerset, Warwickshire and Wiltshire 1564-1930. Court book manor of Upton in Berwick St John 1743-1790.  Diaries of Charlotte Grove, 1811-1858, Thomas Fraser Grove, 1855-1897 and Agnes Grove, 1879-1925. (1641, 1728)

HADEN of Trowbridge.  Bills and notebook re property 1851.  (215)

HALLIDAY of Warminster.  Deeds 1664-1793;  family papers, 1780-1940;  Memoranda, books and papers of John Edmund Halliday 1768-1845.  (628, 2735, 2769, 2845)

HAMILTON of The Close, Salisbury.  Probate and settlement deeds of Walter Kerr Hamilton, bishop of Salisbury, 1800-1910.  Papers of Henry Parr Hamilton, dean of Salisbury, 1850-1897;  papers about the Deanery 1850-1897.  (727)


HARRIS of Calne and Bowden, Lacock.  Business records (bacon curers) 1882-1922.  Family and estate papers 1843-1949.  (2267)

HEATHCOTE (SELF) of Shaw Hill, and Place House, Melksham. Deedsand estate papers, 1598-1939. (3334, 3367)



HEYTESBURY, (A’COURT) of Heytesbury.  Deeds, Heytesbury, Tytherington and Knook, 1601-1904.  Manorial records, Heytesbury manor and hundred, 1637-1924.  Estate records, accounts 1859-1934 including enclosure minutes, Heytesbury, 1783-4, rentals, 1835-89, map and terrier, 1861; Tytherington and Knook and farm accounts, Heytesbury, 1880-92; estate papers Wiltshire estates, Sudbury and Bradnop, Staffs., Twickenham, Mddx., London, 1727-1934; papers relating to the parliamentary borough of Heytesbury, burgage deeds, 1744-72, letters and papers 1741-1831;  papers of baron Heytesbury, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1838-46;  account of the death of Catherine A’Court 1776.  Vernon family of London household accounts, 1689-1691. (84, 101, 172, 237, 635, 636, 1559, 3043)


HINXMAN of Ivychurch and Salisbury. Deeds, Salisbury, 1708-1739; family papers, wills, 1772-1817;  Henry Hinxman of Ivychurch : account books, 1775-1829; letter book, 1822-1829; estate papers, East Stower, Dorset, maps, timber valuations, c1800-1826, and Iweren Minster, Dorset, [1549]-1819Deeds and executors accounts of, 1638-1830.  (776, 1990)


HOARE of Stourhead.  Deeds, 1286-1886, Stourhead, Gasper, Bonham, Kilmington, Norton Ferris, West Knoyle, and Chaddenwicke in Mere;  in Somerset South Brewham and Bruton;  and in Dorset Stourton Caundle.  Manorial records, 1669-1821, Stourton, Bonham and Gasper, Holwell and Woodbridge, Kilmington, West Knoyle and Chaddenwicke;  in Somerset Bruton, Castle Cary, South Brewham and Marston;  and in Dorset Caundle Purse and Stourton Caundle.  Stourhead estate records, 17th to 19th cents. Maps of Wilts and Somerset estates 1709-1810, 1875; composite court book various manors 1793-1910.  Stourhead estate and accounts 1784-1898.  Survey Wilts and Somerset estate c.1900.  Justice’s notebook 1815-1834.  Letters and accounts concerning the ornamentation of the house and gardens from c.1736.  Travel journals and accounts of Sir Richard Colt Hoare,  from 1794.  ( 229, 383, 900, 1412, 3117)

HOBHOUSE of Monkton Farleigh.  Deeds Broughton Gifford 1593-1904, Bradford on Avon 1677-1819; court rolls and papers Broughton Gifford 1555-1839, Monkton Farleigh 1575-1600.  Rentals Broughton Gifford, Monkton Farleigh 1629-1834.  Estate accounts  1878-1946.  Letters about the Peninsular War 1808-1814.  Politics 1804-1831, Indian affairs, 1825-1842. Various historical and genealogical notes made c.1900.  Survey of the manor and hundred of Bradford on Avon, early 17th cent.  Rentals manor of Bradford on Avon, 1830-1858.  Family papers 1811-1941. (34, 145, 179, 959, 1978)

HOLFORD (KEMM, WILLIAMSON) of Avebury.  Deeds Avebury 1848-1885, Ogbourne St George 1620-1819; family and estate correspondence, 1695-1798, estate reports and accounts, Avebury farm, 1689-1798; journal of a tour in Europe 1671;  family papers c.1698-1844;  Avebury parish poor law papers 1736-1796;  map, Purton, 1763.  (184, 271, 654)

HOLLAND (FOX) of Foxley.  Deeds, Foxley, Grittenham, Winterbourne Bassett, Winterslow, Laverstock, etc., 1529-1888. Maps of Foxley 1760, Grittenham in Brinkworth c1760.  Rental manor of Bishopstone (N. Wilts) 1536.  (11, 2627)


HUNGERFORD of Farleigh and Heytesbury.  Cartulary (16th cent.) of deeds of estates in Wiltshire and many other counties, c.1199-c.1470.  Deeds, 1291-1649, in Wiltshire Upton Scudamore, Warminster, Tytherington, Winterbourne Stoke, Stockton, Heytesbury, Horningsham, Sutton Veny, Codford, Chippenham, Biddestone, Mildenhall, Sheldon, Rowden, Hindon, Rushall and Salisbury; in Somerset Farleigh, Tellisford, Wellow, Twinhoe, North Cadbury, Newton St Loe and Beckington; in Berkshire Hungerford;  in Surrey Hatcham;  and also in Devon and Cornwall.  Manorial surveys, c.1580, 1613 and 1621, manors in Wiltshire Brook, Cheverell, Little Cheverell, Chippenham, Seldon and Lowden, Codford St Peter, Corsley Kingston, Corston, Dilton, Maddington, Rowde, Mildenhall, Seagry, Somerford Mauditz, Sutton Veny, Upavon, Upton Scudamore, Rudloe, Warminster Scudamore, Winterbourne Stoke, Wittenham, and Rowley and Stanton St Quinton;  in Somerset Farleigh, Rode and Langham, Wellow and Twinhoe;  in Berkshire Hungerford;  and in London Charing Cross.  Manorial rentals, places mostly as deeds, 1633, 1634, 1654.  Probate, legal and personal documents, 1416-1651, including foundation deeds of Hungerford chantry in Salisbury Cathedral.  1472.  (442, 490) and  see CREWE.

HUNT of Holt.  Deeds, Holt, Melksham, Seend,  1699-1865; papers and accounts of James Hunt deceased, including Holt brewery ledger, 1868-1869, 1859-1890; accounts for the estate of John Rogers and John Hunt in Holt, 1752-1825. (725, 960, 1251)




INGRAM of Upton Lovell.  Deeds, 1574-1805; family and estate papers, 1815-1928.  (628)


JENNER of Marston Maisey.  Legal papers of Mary Jenner about Manor farm 1760-1824.  (1033)

JUPE of Mere.  Family papers and wills 1829-1913.   (2632)

KEENE of Minety.  Deeds, 1649-1861.  (149)


KINNEIR of  Cricklade and Highworth.  Deeds Ashton Keynes and Cricklade 1679-1896, wills and settlements 1784-1928.    (700, 1040)

KITE of Trowbridge.  Household and family accounts and correspondence in 1796-1890.  (1411)



LAVERTON of Westbury.  Deeds, estate business and personal papers of Abraham and William Henry Laverton 1683-1934.  Household and personal accounts and papers of Charlotte Laverton 1886-1895.  Charity accounts 1898-1934.  Personal and business accounts and papers of Frederick Laverton, Bristol 1840-1910.   (816)

LEWIS of Edington.  Deeds, Edington, Chippenham and Sherston, 1567-1723; in Glamorgan St Fagan’s, 1671-1716; and in Monmouthshire Bedwas and Roggiett, 13th cent.-1602.  Manorial rental, Edington, 1626, custumal, Corsham, 1669, and rentals, etc., Soberton, Hants., 1595-1689.  (436)

LOCKE family of Seend and Melksham.  Deeds 1596-1898; Estate papers 1787-1879; family deeds and papers relating to Seend Iron Co. 1861-1876; accounts of the Chamberlain of Devizes 1733-1735.  (477, 574, 816)

LONG (TYLNEY-LONG) of  Rood Ashton in Steeple Ashton, S. Wraxall, Whaddon and Draycot Cerne and elsewhere.  Deeds 1473-1943; manorial and estate records 1381-1922. Family papers 1558-1944.  Political papers of Viscount Long including Local Government Board and Chief Secretary for Ireland, Colonial office, Admiralty 1880-1924.  (190, 515, 625, 790, 826, 969, 947, 1001, 1252, 2016, 2062)

LONG of Sutton Veny.  Deeds, Sutton Veny, Crockerton in Longbridge Deverell, 1563-1869, Amesbury, Bulford and Rodbourne Cheney, 1813-72.  Estate terrier, 1564.  Probate documents and accounts, 1757-1959.  (814)

LOVELL (WILLES, HERVEY) of Cole Park, Malmesbury.  Deeds and estate and household papers, Malmesbury, Badgeworth, Compton Bishop and Axbridge, Somerset, St Ibbs, Herts. 1618-1847;  letters 1681-1906; diaries of Thomas Smith, Melksham 1715-1722; David Pugh of Llanerchyols Montgomery 1843-1861.  (161)

LOWTHER of Orcheston St George.  Deeds rectory and glebe 1818-1866. (682)

LUDLOW of Westbury.  Conveyancing papers Heywood estate and land in Melksham 1786-1925.  (816, 1494, 2270)

MACKAY of Trowbridge and Holt.  Family papers and photographs 1877-1970.  (1773)

MAITLAND of Chippenham. Papers about the political, property and business interests of John Maitland, MP for Chippenham, 1803-1818, 1803-1826.  (1171)

MANLEY (EVANS) of Haydon, Rodbourne Cheney.  Deeds and estate papers Rodbourne Cheney, Purton, Stratton St Margaret, Great Somerford, Little Somerford, S. Marston, Hilmarton, Compton Bassett.  1568-1935.  (212A/38)
MARLBOROUGH.   Estate papers, Overton, Rowde, West Lavington and Liddington, 1591-1821.  Enclosure papers West Lavington and Overton, 1810-1821.  Plan of sheepsleight in Savernake forest late 18th century.  (1033)

MARTIN of East Town, West Ashton.  Book of deeds 1640-1688. Deeds 13th century-1724;  sketch map, of common fields, East Town c.1640;  household and rent accounts 1636-1676;  survey of common fields 1674.  Survey, manor of Steeple Ashton c.1550; wills 1675, 1714.  (1494)

MASKELYNE (and BENNETT) estates in Minety and Ashton Keynes.   Deeds, Minety and Ashton Keynes, 1608-1872.  (149).

MASKELYNE (ARNOLD-FORSTER) of Purton.   Account and memoranda books of Nevil Maskelyne, astronomer royal 1763-1805, catalogue of his library 1810.  Deeds and estate papers Purton, Cricklade, Wroughton, Broad Hinton and Lydiard Tregoze, 1538-1949 court rolls hundred of Chelworth and manors of Tockenham, Wootton Bassett, Compton Bassett, Nethercote, Somerford Keynes and Highworth 1528-1531.  Private correspondence of H.O. Arnold-Forster, Secretary of State for war 1903-1905.  History of the Guards Machine Gun Regiment 1917 (typescript).  Diary of a voyage to India kept by W Turner 1764-1765 Custumal, manor of Purton 17th century.  (1390)

MASTERS (HIPPISLEY, ASHFORDBY TRENCHARD) of Stanton Fitzwarren.  Deeds Stanton estate 1542-1953, Highworth 1596-1856, North Bradley 1664-1811;  Northaw Herts  c.1830.  History of Northaw Herts 1816.  Surveys Stanton estate 1605-1867, rentals and accounts to 1710-1870. Assessments for ship money hundreds of Highworth, Cricklade and Staple (no names) 1635-1640.  Plans Stanton Fitzwarren mid 18th century, 1875, 1949.  Pedigrees 17th -20th cents.  Family papers of the Smallman Masters family of Shropshire and Greenwich 1547-1919.  (1953)


McDONALD of Calstone Wellington and Blacklands.  Deeds and estate papers particularly relating to the rectory and tithes, 1720-877.  Family papers 1810-1880. (727)

METHUEN of Corsham Court.  Estate and manorial records c1500- mid 20th cent.    Papers of Field Marshall Lord Methuen, Boer War,  1899-1902, governor of Malta 1915-1921.  (1742)

MONTAGU of Lackham.  Deeds, Lacock and Corsham, 1572-1927.  Copy inquisitions, etc., relating to fishing rights in the river Avon in Lacock parish, 1464-1677.  (44).

MONEY-KYRLE of Whetham, Calne.  Family and estate records, 12th-20th cents., mostly for Whetham and Homme House,  Much Marcle, Herefordshire and properties in Sussex. c.250 medieval deeds, 1190s onwards;  memoranda addressed to Chancellor of the Exchequer, 1676-1689;  correspondence, 18th-19th cents., including letters from family members serving in Indian army, 1826-1841 and 1866-1875;  a series of rentals, 1700s-1740s;  early 17th cent. long royal pedigree on parchment showing descent from Adam to Richard III;  various title deeds, accounts, surveys and papers, 1712-19th cent.  (1720)

MOODY of Steeple Langford.  Deeds, Steeple Langford, Tisbury, Dinton etc. in Wiltshire and Berkshire, 1674-1907.  Estate records, in Langford, 1763.  Personal papers, 1784-c.  1830.  Legal records, 1822-23.  (475)

MORGAN of Warminster, (brewers):  Deeds, estate and executorship records, 1753-1886.  (816)

NEALE of Corsham.  Deeds, Corsham, 1646-1806, Hilmarton, 1677-1856, Lacock, 1622-1856, Melksham, 1631-1857, and elsewhere.  (529).

NEATE of Middlehill, Box.  Deeds, 1708-1897, family and estate papers, 1808-1874.  (628)

NEELD of Grittleton.  Deeds Chippenham, Grittleton and London area 1530-1887.  Court roll 1416 and court book 1614-1676, Alderton.  Papers about rebuilding the parsonage house and the church, Alderton 1841-1843.  Surveys of estates in Lackham and Alderton of the Montague family 1812, 1825.  Rentals of burgage properties, Chippenham 1829, 1835.  Papers about the rebuilding of Grittleton house 1856.  Plan of Fowlswick farm, Chippenham, 1766.  Surveys, 1664, 1708, manor court books, 1644-1670 Kingston St Michael.  Gardener labourers account book,  probably Grittleton 1841-1856.  Estate and household papers 19th cent.  Photographs of a tour of the Holy Land, Italy and Germany 1869-1870.  Survey of the Grittleton estate c. 1845.  (1305, 1780/16)

NELSON of Trafalgar House, Standlynch.  Deeds of the Trafalgar and Brickworth estates mainly in Downton, Standlynch and Whiteparish, 1677-1924.  (464).

NICHOLAS of Roundway in Bishops Cannings.  Deeds, Leigh, Ashton Keynes, and in Gloucestershire South Cerney, 1700-1844.  Book of surveys, etc., Roundway, Ashton Keynes, South Cerney, 18th cent.  (134, 359).

NORTHEY of Box.  Deeds and estate papers including quarries in Box, Ashton Keynes 1669-1964.  Copy of map of the manors of Box, Hazelbury and Ditteridge 1832.  Estate records Box 1912-1951;  Ashton Keynes, 1945-1948.  Estate accounts 1890-1906.   (14, 220, 1126, 1265)

OLIVIER of Wilton. Diaries, letters and personal papers of Edith Olivier reflecting her literary and artistic interests, 1894-1948. Family and estate papers of the Hodgson family of East Woodhay and Millbrook, Hampshire, 1805-1917. (982)

PEMBROKE (HERBERT) of Wilton.  Wilton estate records 16th-20th cents. Papers relating to Wilton house 17th-20th cents.  Family papers Herbert and Fitzwilliam 17th-20thcents. including political papers of Sidney Herbert 1833-1861.  Deeds of Wilton Abbey estates. Alvediston 1195-1504, Broad Chalk 1371, Chilhampton 1192, Chilmark 1194-1365, Fovant late 12th cent-1383.  List of deeds 1287.  Accounts of rents Wilton 1361-1373.  Accounts Alvediston 1484-1509.  Survey of property with revenue and live and dead stock 1538.  Diaries of Henry Ford, agent of the Wilton estate start 1840. Document about loans raised with the General Land drainage and Improvement Co. 1855.   (867, 971, 1422, 2057)
PENRUDDOCKE of Compton Chamberlayne.  Deeds, Compton Chamberlayne, Barford St. Martin, Baverstock, Dinton, Fyfield in Milton Lilbourne, and elsewhere in Wiltshire;  and in Somerset Bratton Seymour and Chard, 1565-1868.  Manorial records, Baverstock, 1604-1748, Compton Chamberlayne, 1531-1896, and Fyfield, 1681-97.  Household and estate records, 1584-1877.  Maps and surveys, Baverstock, Compton Chamberlayne, Bratton Seymour, Fyfield, c.1650-1894.  Family letters and papers, 1654-1815, including 58 letters and other documents relating to Col. John Penruddocke and the Rising in the West of 1655.  (332, 549, 1168)

PEPLER of Coulston.  Farm accounts 1732-1811.  (1791)

PETO of Iford manor, Westwood.  Estate papers c.1865-1965.  Travel diaries 1880-1898.  (1140, 2780) and see GAISFORD.

PHIPPS of Leighton, Chalcot and Heywood in Westbury.  Deeds Westbury and Dilton 1574-1908, Upton Scudamore 1397-1920; estate papers 1630-1934; family correspondence, 1813-1919;  family papers 1792-1888;  public office and local affairs 1703-1913;  Phipps & Co, coffee and banana traders 1839-1980;  draft history of Westbury by Richard Harris c.1820;  plans of Dilton Court, former dower house 1841.  (540, 628,)

PINKNEY of Rushall.  Family letters 1848-1902;  pedigree c.1964.  (1333)

PITT of Stratford sub Castle.  Deeds 1696-1774.  (461)

PITT Family of Eastcourt, Crudwell.  Rentals, accounts and estate papers,1805-1905;  deeds 1676-1878.  (374)


POOL of Liverpool and Cricklade.  Family and business papers.  1790-1843.  (946)

POLLEN of Rodbourne in Malmesbury and Redenham and Andover Hants. Deeds of the estates including Ludgershall 1759-1908.  Estate papers 1858-1957.  Probate 1800-1942.  (2216)

POORE of Rushall, Enford and Lower Wallop, Hants. Deeds 1728-1892.   Family settlements and probate 1811-1938.  Estate papers, Wilts and Berks 18th cent -1948, notebook of naturalist and meteorological matters 1820-1829.  Diaries of Robert Montagu Poore 1828-1836.  Family correspondence 1843-1972 letters and diaries of Major Robert Poore including Indian and Crimean war refs. 1854-1917, correspondence of Mark Saurin Poore 1879-1917.  London Provincial Turkish Bath Co. minutes 1860-1940, Winterslow and Bishopstrone Land Courts papers 1854-1969.  (402, 415, 998, 1915)

POPHAM of Littlecote.  Deeds Chilton Foliat, 1689-1917,  Froxfield 1720-1867 Ramsbury, 1640-1877, Charnham Street, Hungerford 1719-1886, Littlecote estate 1798-1927.  Rent accounts 1717-1825 farm accounts, Littlecote 1815-1819.  Maps and surveys Littlecote estate 1806-1958. Estate records, Littlecote in Ramsbury, 1622-25, 1823-38, Winterbourne Monkton, 1774, and Salisbury, 1582.  Family Diaries, 1704, 1756 and 1800.  Legal papers, 1625.   (39, 3202)

POWELL of Hurdcott, Barford St Martin.  Deeds Barford St Martin and Westbury 1709-1911;  rental, 1749-1783 (65B, 776, 827)

POYNDER DICKSON of Hartham Park, Calne.  Deeds Hilmarton, 1781-1914, Biddestone 1751-1914,  Box and Colerne 1863-1908, Calne 1866-1912, Corsham 1868-1916 Court books and papers, manor of Hilmarton 1749-1890, estate papers Hilmarton, 1789-1802,  Estate rentals and wage books Hartham Park 1918-1948.  Estate maps various places including Ednam Roxburghshire Scotland 1844-1891;  family papers 1762-1888.   (498)

PYKE of Great Somerford and HANKS of Malmesbury.  Deeds, etc., Great Somerford, 1670-1896. Family letters 1814-1912; personal account books 1824-1889.   (542, 3047)

QUEENSBERRY (DOUGLAS) later ANTROBUS of Amesbury.   Deeds, Amesbury, 13th cent.-1838.  Manorial records, Alderbury hundred, 1551-88, Amesbury manors and hundred, 1437-1814, and Urchfont, 1453-4 and 17th cent.  Amesbury and Bentley Woods (in West Dean) estate accounts, 1753-1811, rentals and other estate records, 1718-19th cent.  Atlas of Amesbury and Bentley Woods by Henry Flitcroft, 1726.  Personal and family records (Antrobus), 1830-19th cent.  (283, 377, 776, 944).

RADNOR (BOUVERIE, PLEYDELL-BOUVERIE) of Longford Castle in Britford Marriage settlements, etc., Bouverie, Duncombe and Mildmay families, 1714-1870.  Deeds 1411-1940, Alderbury, Bodenham, Brinkworth, Britford, Charlton in Standlynch, Coombe Bissett, Corston, Downton, Farley, West Grimstead, Harnham, Homington, Lavington, Lyneham, Nunton, Odstock, Patney, Pewsey, Seagry, Stanton St. Quinton, Urchfont, and Whaddon in Alderbury;  in London Holborn and Whitefriars;  and in Gloucestershire Pucklechurch, etc.  Manorial records, Alderbury, 1537-1852, Downton, 14th cent.-1935, Homington, 1605-1818, and Odstock, 1367-1696. Corston 1792-1833, Market Lavington and West Lavington, 1800-1877. Estate papers, surveys, correspondence, vouchers, etc.,  Wiltshire, London and Pucklechurch (Glos.), 1580-1892.  Estate maps, 1579-1873. Papers concerning watermeadows in Downton and Alderbury, 1665-1809.  Legal papers, settlement of Duncombe estates, 1763-1806.  Downton borough election papers, 1757-1796.  Household, personal and trading accounts with Turkey, India etc 1638-1760.  Wilts and Berks estate rent accounts 1737-1919.   Parliamentary diaries and speeches of Jacob Pleydell Bouverie (later the earl of Radnor) 1772-1825.  Correspondence of the earls of Radnor, 1774-1846. Papers of the Directorate of agricultural production of the British Expeditionary Force 1918.  (490, 610, 893, 1946)

REEVES of Bratton.  Deeds and family papers 1796-1921.  (2699)

ROLLESTON of Swindon.  Surveys, plans and deeds of the estate developed for housing 1864-1944.  (1040/242, 2842, 3148,)

RUDDLE of Bishops Cannings.  Farm account books (2575, 2699/8)

RUSHOUT of Malmesbury.  Deeds 1673-1883;  estate accounts 1687-1879;  map of Malmesbury 1845;  manor of Malmesbury court papers 1753-1772.  (212B, 815)


SALISBURY of Oaksey Park.  Deeds 1720-1863; survey 1887.  (667)

SAPH of Stapleford.  Deeds, Stapleford, 1657-1806.  Estate records, Stapleford, 1737-1811.  Personal and family records, 1683-1876.  (317)

SCROPE of Castle Combe.  Deeds and leases, 1751-1844, estate correspondence and rentals, 1829-1850; manor court papers 1803-1857; receipted bills for work on Castle and Nettlecombe estates, 1832-1852. Pamphlet by GP Scrope about agricultural labourers’ wages, 1831.  (1171, 1409 box 4)

SEAGRAM of Bratton.  Deeds, 1604-1934; maps 1808, 1882; family papers, wills etc 1805-1911.  (628)

SELF of Melksham.  Family and estate papers, several relating to Place House, 1630-1905. (3367, 3487)

SEYMOUR of East Knoyle.  Deeds and estate papers East Knoyle, Bulford and Stapleford and Somerset 1702-1949.  Family letters 1836-1897.  (1126, 1265)



SHORE of West Lavington.  Deeds 1787-1865;  wills 1814-1872;  religious and practical instruction books 1696-1808. (2913)

SMITH (JACOB, BUXTON) of Tockenham.  Deeds, Chippenham, Lyneham, Tockenham, Wootton Bassett etc.  1630-1783 (529)

SMYTH of Rockley, Ogbourne St Andrew.  Deeds and estate papers 1707-1931.  (1086)

SNOOK of Salisbury.  Deeds 1729-1831.  (2617)

SOMERSET (SEYMOUR) of Maiden Bradley:  Maiden Bradley priory charters 12th-15th cents.   Deeds, Maiden Bradley, Seend etc 16th-19thcents.  Estate and manorial records 16th -19th cents., including maps.  Records of Bradley house and Cheveley house, Cambridge, including plans 18th-19th cents.  Family papers 16th-20th cents. Including letter from Elizabeth 1st to Sir Edmund Seymour about Mary Queen of Scotts, 1562; papers of Hugh Seymour, captain of the frigate Pearl, 1664-1665. Draft deeds estates in Bucks, Lincs and Cambridge, 1828-1854.  (1332, 1419).

SOUTHBY of W. Ilsley, Berks.  Deeds, family and estate papers, 1770-1843.  (946)

SPOONER, (DUNCOMBE) of Landford.  Deeds and estate papers 1692-1865.  (610)

STANCOMBE of Trowbridge. Deeds and estate records, Trowbridge [1715]-1896. Illustrations of Blounts Court, Potterne. 1871-2.  (212A/22, 2126)

STARKY of Spye Park, Bromham.  Deeds Chittoe, Bromham, 1660-1865; Estate records and family correspondence, 1831-1857. Plans of Spye Park, 1864-1871 (45, 411, 776)  and see BAYNTUN.

STEPHENS (EDMUNDS) of Cholderton.  Deeds of the estate 1854-1938, farming records of the estate 1889-1956.  Estate accounts, plans and correspondence 1892-1978;  Family papers 1811-1934.  Cholderton and District Rabbit Clearance Society minutes, accounts and papers 1959-1971.  Business Records of Stephens, Ink makers 1837-1873.  Cholderton and District Water Co. papers 1904-1997.  (1340,1894)

STONE of Chiseldon.  Deeds Chiseldon, Aldbourne and Bath, Somerset 1658-1902 including enclosure award and map, Badbury, Chiseldon 1748, map of Dairy House farm Chiseldon 1105.  (1040)

STRATTON of Alton Barnes, Rushall and Kingston Deverill.  Farm account books, Alton Barnes, 1892-1941.  Life histories of ‘Dick’ Stratton and Frank Stratton and papers about agriculture [1843]-1980.  (853, 1782, 2865)

SUFFOLK and BERKSHIRE (HOWARD) of Charlton Park near Malmesbury.  Deeds, Charlton, Hankerton, Brinkworth, Brokenborough, Malmesbury, Garsdon and Lea and Cleverton, 1333-1888; in Lancashire Revesby and in Westmorland Levens, 1304-1789, etc.  Manorial records, Charlton, Hankerton, Brinkworth, Brokenborough, Burton Hill, Cowfield, Rodbourne and Garsdon, 16th-19th cents.  Family settlements of the Earls of Suffolk and Berkshire and of junior branches of the family involving, among others, the families of Stumpe, Knyvett, Grahme, Silvius or Wood, Fielding, Craven and Gaskarth, 1564-1872.  Letters, accounts, receipts, inventories and other personal papers from the 16th cent. but mainly of the 19th cent. Photographs of estate plans and survey, Charlton, Brinkworth, Brokenborough and Hankerton, 1785; Plans of Charlton Park (house), c.1775, 1940; Surveys of the estate 1761, 1898, 1905; Estate papers, correspondence, rentals accounts 1787-1960.   (88, 1016, 1024)

SUTTON (ESTCOURT) of Bishops Cannings.  Deeds estate papers and plans including court books of the manor of Bishops Cannings, Cannings Canonicorum and Marden and plans and papers relating to enclosure of common lands 1780-1812, 16th-19th cents.   (248)  and see ESTCOURT.

TEMPLE of Bishopstrow.  Deeds, Bishopstrow, Norton Bavant, Boreham in Warminster, Upton Scudamore and Heytesbury, 13thcent and 1533-1907.  Manorial records, Bishopstrow, 1621-1868, Boreham, 1581, 1583 and 1612.  Estate records and legal papers, 1680-1885.  (132)

THRESHER of Melksham and Bradford on Avon.  Deeds 1641-1750.  (973)

TINNEY of Salisbury.  Papers of the estate of Charlotte Tinney deceased.  1814-1907.  (776)

TONGE of Highway.  Deeds Highway 1681-1840; Court books and papers Highway 1706-1851; Estate papers 1815-1897. Family bible with genealogical details, 1740-1889; Naval journals of  LCH Tonge RN, 1839-1854 (200, 226, 400, 3437)

TOPP (BIGGS, then YEATMAN-BIGGS) of STOCKTON.  Deeds, Stockton, Codford, Salisbury, Downton, Great Durnford, etc., 13th cent-1915.  Manorial records, Stockton, 1287-19th cent., Codford St Mary, 1640-1682, Codford St Peter, 1709-1793.  Maps, Stockton open fields, 1640, Codford St Mary, 1814.  Illustrated history of Stockton, late 19th-early 20th cents.  Family records, Yeatman-Biggs, 1824-1952.  (108, 153, 384, 401, 906)

TROYTE BULLOCK of Zeals.  Estate papers Zeals, Mere, Waddon in Portesham and Silton, Dorset 1864-1953.  (1265)  And see CHAFFYN GROVE.

TRUSLOW of Avebury.  Deeds, Avebury, Blackland in Calne, Beckhampton, etc., 1549-1823.  (371)

TUCKEY properties in Rodbourne Cheney.  Deeds and estate papers, 1632-1860.  (183)

TURNER of Penleigh, Westbury.  Deeds, Westbury, Edington and Beckington, Somerset, 1641-1848.  Case before the court of Wards and Liveries about woods in the Hundred of Westbury 1594.  Estate papers 1612-1939.  Beckett family and estate papers, West Lavington 1622-mid 20th century.  Wayte family and estate papers Little Hinton 1605-1846 including a sketch plan of Lot mead and Wore mead, Little Hinton c.1650.  Plans, Westbury, Beckington and Stratton St Margaret 1793.  (417, 967)



VINES of Seagry.  Family papers and correspondence, 1642-1884 including letters about Australia 1832-1848.  Deeds Great Somerford, and Middlesex 1828-1849.  Lawyers’ precedent books 17thcent.  (2903)

WANSEY of Warminster.  Account book, Account book, clothier and dyers’ business and household 1683-1805.  Correspondence journals of family events, 1665-1874 including letters from Richard Laurence, poet, 1772-1784.  (314, 1870)

WARNEFORD of Sevenhampton, Highworth.  Deeds, Highworth, S.Marston , Shrivenham, Berks, 1648-1847;  agreement re hedging any enclosed lands, 1688.  (802)

WARRINER of Conock in Chirton.  Deeds Urchfont, Grafton, Beckingstoke, Conock, Chirton, Stert, 1662-1871;  court papers Chirton 1695-1709, Conock, 1708-1793;  estate papers, 1770-1829;  wills etc 1730-1817.  (574)

WATSON-TAYLOR of Erlestoke.  Deeds, Coulston, Edington, Urchfont and the rectory of Tilshead, 1595-1928. Estate accounts, 1912-1928  Manorial records, Urchfont, c1750 and 1789-1799.  Atlas of Watson-Taylor estates in Erlestoke, East Coulston, Great Cheverell, Potterne, Edington and Urchfont, 1832. Sale particular of the contents of Erlestoke Mansion 1832. (212A/1, 323, 1335, 3375)

WATTS of Keevil, Steeple Ashton and Bromham.  Wills and family papers 1790-1939.  (2824)


WHITAKER of Bratton.  Deeds 1346-1839.  Farming accounts, 1826-1916.  Family and estate papers 1796-c.1945.  (628, 785, 929)

WIGAN of Conholt Park, Chute: Deeds and estate papers 1747-1958.  (2715)



WYNDHAM of Dilton and Salisbury. Estate accounts Dinton, Sutton Manerville and Teffont Magna. 1821-1910. Estate papers, Allington, Berwick St James, Laverstock and Salisbury, 1695-1863. Deeds, Laverstock and Ford, Sutton Mandeville and Fovant, (1674)-1842.  Personal and household accounts and correspondence 1762-1845 funeral accounts, Hearst and Roberts of the Close, Salisbury 1668-1703.  (451, 939, 979, 1969) and see ARUNDELL


YERBURY of Belcombe in Bradford on Avon.  Deeds, Bradford on Avon, Winsley and Westwood, 1691-1904.  (687)

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