Talks and Lectures by Archives and Local Studies Staff

Archives and Local Studies staff are available for talks to societies and groups but these are currently being delivered online rather than in person due to Covid-19 restrictions. The talks can be done via Microsoft Teams or Zoom daytime or evenings. If you would like to book a speaker please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 01249 705500. We do have to limit each organisation to one talk per year owing to the number of requests we get from the many groups in the county.

Cost: £60 payable online using the History Centre Donation button on the Support Us page or by cheque payable to 'Wiltshire Council'.

General talks and talks about Wiltshire history

  • Wiltshire Black History - Explores the documentary and archival evidence of Wiltshire's Black History from the 16th century onwards.
  • Horrible and Curious History - From the Bronze Age to present day, from bed burials to witchcraft discover some of Wiltshire's strange but true stories. 
  • Wiltshire & Swindon's Rotten Boroughs - A political history of the county from the late 1600s to 1832.
  • Early Crime & Punishment - Takes a look at crime and punishment in Wiltshire from medieval times to the 19th century.
  • Should have taken the medicine - A short guide to horrible remedies, cures and death in Wiltshire.
  • Changing Times - Explores the impact of the Second World War on the Wiltshire Home Front, from an influx of ‘visitors’ to wartime working, civil defence duties, planning and construction, and its legacy in a post-war world.
  • John Aubrey: Wiltshire’s first ‘trowel blazer’ - Discover more about this 17th literary innovator and the turbulent times he lived through, including his role in developing antiquarian investigation and archaeological theory.
  • Wiltshire Folklore - A fascinating look at the development and evolution of folklore, with examples of Wiltshire myths, tales and remedies.
  • Dating and Preserving Old Photographs - Top tips on what to look out for and how to ensure your photographs remain in great condition.
  • Extraordinary Wiltshire Women & More Extraordinary Wiltshire Women - Two talks about just some of the many amazing women who have shaped Wiltshire's history.
  • Wiltshire Women in the First World War - A talk focusing on the war work done by the women of Wiltshire.
  • Peace & Aftermath: 1919 and the battle for peace - This talk explores the immediate aftermath of the First World War, the social, political and economic upheaval wrought by four years of war, and the attempt to build a peace.
  • Penruddock's Rebellion: four days that shook the Protectorate - Discover the story of the ill-fated and shortlived rebellion against Cromwell that began in Salisbury but ended in disaster, and the rule of the Major Generals.
  • Albany Ward: Wiltshire's cinema pioneer - Pioneer, entrepreneur and philanthropist, Albany Ward was one of the founding fathers of Britain's cinema industry who built and operated picture palaces across the South West from his adopted home of Salisbury.





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