Suffrage Pilgrimage

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In July 1913 women marching to London to protest for the vote passed through 5 Wiltshire towns; Corsham, Chippenham, Calne, Marlborough and Swindon. 

The newspaper sources in this pack describe the often hostile welcome they received and the arguments in favour of suffrage that they were trying to convey. Details are given of anti-suffrage meetings and the success of the pilgrimage, with reflections from politicians of the day.

The pack could be used to support teaching of the women's suffrage movement with many references to the tactics of the suffragettes included in the sources. The sources could also be used as a practice for source-based exam papers with a set of questions for students provided.

The pack includes:

  • background information on the women's suffrage movement for students
  • set of sample questions based on the sources
  • photograph of suffrage pilgrimage in Corsham
  • 13 accounts from local newspapers describing events in July 1913

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